Health assets

Independent living and health assets & services
and technologies for elderly people at home

(june 2016 – june 2017)



France’s pension funds (CNAV, RSI, MSA) and Ministry for the Economy (MISAP, personal services office), have commissioned MADoPA to carry out a study on independent living and health assets with respect to vulnerable elderly people (IRG 5 -6).

The project

The aim of the project is to adjust the range of services on offer to the needs of elderly people. The approach consists in providing levers for improving evaluation of the needs of elderly people at home and especially the range of services and technologies on offer based on independent living and health assets. The aim is to characterise the position of elderly people with respect to what drives them, what care networks they have and what in real terms keeps them going every day, in other words, the positive support aspects of their independence and health..

MADoPa’s  role

  • To carry out 75 socio-ethnographic case studies split equally between the three pension funds, across three geographical areas and covering three types of elderly individual (1/ elderly individuals in good health (IRG 5.6), 2/ elderly individuals suffering from chronic illnesses, 3/ elderly individuals acting as carers for dependent individuals or individuals with Alzheimer’s disease)
  • To model independent living and health assets
  • To issue recommendations for adjusting existing services and creating new services. Improving the efficiency of care plans is underpinned by the ability to leverage, enhance and work with the dynamics already existing in the elderly individual’s home,
  • To issue recommendations concerning the relevance of technologies in the range of home services on offer. Identifying invariants and specificities in the motivations of elderly individuals and the dynamics of their home environment, and in the activities and relationships which matter and are meaningful to them and their carers, will go some way towards providing key answers to central questions about the relevance of technologies in the home and the actual conditions needed for their adoption and for money to be made available for them,
  • To develop a tool for selecting the technologies that might be incorporated into the range of home services on offer, for the managers of the institutions commissioning the study,
  • To develop a tool to help with evaluating independent living at home and health assets . This simple tool, to be used alongside existing evaluation grids, will enable an evaluation based not only on problems and risk factors, but also on the dynamics and support aspects of health and independence,
  • To produce a roadmap for the training of social care workers working in the homes of elderly individuals.