Telemedicine and Disability project

An exploratory study of the organisational and acceptability conditions necessary for rollout of a telemedicine offering in the disability sector.
(February 2013 – May 2013)

Partners in the project

After its first call for telemedicine projects on the theme of “Telemedicine and Disability” launched in 2012 proved unsuccessful, the Ile-de-France Regional Healthcare Agency (Agence Régional de Santé – ARS) decided that before launching its 2013 call for projects, it would carry out an in-depth analysis of the needs and expectations of residential and care structures for disabled people and people with autism, that might be met by remote medical care solutions.
Following the cycle of research seminars organised by MADoPA in 2012 on evaluation methods and the results of evaluations of technology-based care solutions for the elderly, the Ile de France Regional Healthcare Agency asked MADoPA to carry out this preliminary study in preparation for the 2013 call for projects.

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The exploratory study

Between the months of February and May 2013, MADoPA carried out an exploratory study to determine the remote medical care requirements of different types of care structure for multi-disabled and autistic people, in order to identify the organisational and/or acceptability conditions conducive to the development of a telemedicine offering.
To begin with, and using case studies as its basis, MADoPA examined and analysed the different ways in which multi-disabled and autistic people are supported and cared for, by observing the “ways of doing things” of disabled persons in care establishments, the care and support strategies used by carers, and the practices of professional staff in the selected care establishments. This observation work was carried out across a variety of regions.
In extension of this exploratory work, MADoPA drew up a list of needs and requirements, and with field workers, to some extent engaged in a co-construction process supporting the potential acceptability of telemedicine systems for multi-disability and autism care structures.