Alain FAYE, President

Innovation in healthcare and independent living in the home environment is a complex matter and involves meeting the needs and requirements of all parties involved. For example, the strategies of financers, professional practices and of course the lifestyles and desires of users all have to be taken into consideration. Innovation is also underpinned by methodological choices and options, by positioning and perspectives, which all help to improve our knowledge of assistance and care relationships in the home environment, of the pathways and processes of frailty progression in elderly people, and of the individual and collective assets and resources that are crucial to the health and independence of elderly people.

Bearing this in mind, MADoPA’s purpose is, by working with users (elderly people, informal carers and home care professionals), financers, care and service providers, industrial operators and local and regional players and bodies, to play a part in identifying and constructing innovative, efficient and recognised solutions that help elderly people to continue living independently in their own homes. In order to achieve this purpose, an exploratory, multi-disciplinary and participatory approach and an international perspective are both essential. MADoPA has expertise in the co-design and comprehensive evaluation of telemedicine (medical care at home) and telehealthcare solutions, and works closely with the Activageing Living Lab. Officially approved by the CNR-Santé, (France’s National Reference Centre for Health) as a National Expert Centre specialising in “the detection of frailty in and the needs of elderly people through skilled use of innovative investigation methods and tools”, MADoPA is also developing expertise on an international scale in the frailty and vulnerability of elderly people.

A key aspect of MADoPA’s work is that its activities are supported by a network of members covering the whole of the elderly care and services value chain. MADoPA encourages the development of projects between its members and involves them in the evaluation and development of technology-based solutions. Finally, it also offers mutual sector organisations, local and regional players and bodies and technology providers the benefit of “pioneering” expertise geared towards the development of innovative prevention and health promotion strategies for elderly people and more widely the development of the silver economy.