Publication: Future of Silver Tech

Technologies for elderly people at home,
what methods of co-design and evaluation, and with what outcomes?

Provisional title of the work – (March 2015 – September 2017)



The project

Using practical examples and drawing on input from both national and international experts , the purpose of this work is to present the challenges and outcomes of co-designing and evaluating technologies for elderly people at home.

Purpose of the work:

  • To provide benchmarks and clear, meaningful and formative examples with respect to the methods and outcomes of evaluating usage of technologies, in looking toward the development of Living Labs and Test Beds in France and Europe-wide.
  • The work shall answer the following three key questions:
  • When evaluating or co-designing a technology for elderly people at home, what are the options and what steps are unavoidable?
  • What, in real and practical terms, are the contributions made by the various evaluation and co-design approaches, what added values do they bring, and what are their limits?
  • What areas of concern or ethical issues are raised by these technologies?

Aims of the work:

  1. To list the co-design and evaluation tools that are available so as to make them accessible to the “silver economy” community (academics, social welfare players, local authorities, industrial operators and users) in France and Europe-wide.
  2. To detail and illustrate the contributions made by the various usage evaluation and co-design approaches, the added values they bring, and their limits.
  3. To draw lessons about usage, ethics and the acceptability, adoption and economic development of technological solutions for elderly people at home.

Publication: to be published in September 2017 by Presses de l’EHESP, in two versions, French and English

MADoPA’s role

  • To coordinate the work
  • To review the literature
  • To draft papers
  • To organise a conference when the work is released in October 2017