As an Association Loi 1901, the term used in France for a not-for-profit organisation governed by a law passed in 1901, MADoPA operates on the basis of a general assembly consisting of all members of the organisation, a board of directors elected by the general assembly, and of a committee elected by the board of directors. A scientific committee has also been put in place, the members of which are all international and national experts in their fields.

General Assembly of Members

Consisting of 13 members divided into 5 membership categories: education and research, social welfare and protection, prevention-care-services, local and regional players and bodies, industrial players, users. The full list of members is given on the Membership page.

Board of Directors with 13 members from 5 membership categories
  • Education – Research
    • University of Technology of Troyes
    • ESC Troyes
    • Institute of Myology
    • Fondation de l’Avenir
  • Local and Regional players and bodies
    • Aube Technopole
    • Opticsvalley
    • ADEC
  • Social Welfare and Protection
    • Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française
    • Mutualité Française Grand ESt
  • Prevention, Accommodation, Care
    • Mutualité Française Champagne Ardenne SSAM
    • Prevention center les Arcades
  • Industrial players
    • EDF
6-member committee:
  • Chairman: Alain Faye, Vice-Chair of Mutualité Française Grand Est
  • Vice-Chair: Myriam Lewkowicz, Professor at the University of Technology of Troyes
  • Secretary: Dominique Letourneau, Chair of Fondation de l’ Avenir
  • Treasurer: Olivier Blaud, Chair of Mutualité Française Champagne Ardenne SSAM
  • Assistant Treasurer: Dr Philippe Dejardin, Vice-Chair, health project, Malakoff Médéric
  • Member: Dominique Etienne, Official Représentative, Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française
Scientific Committee of 6 experts representing the skills and expertise used by MADoPA
Areas of expertise EXPERTS
Frailty Pr François Béland,
University of Montreal
Gerontechnology Pr Thierry Dantoine,
Limoges Teaching Hospital
Evaluation method Robert Picard, 
CGEIET, Ministry for the Economy and Finance
Sociology of ageing Claudine Attias-Donfut,
Research Director, EHESS
Health economics Nicolas Sirven,
Research Director, IRDES, University of Paris Descartes
Ethics renewal of in progress