Operational team

MADoPA’s operational team consists of five members, one director and four project managers who all hold doctorates in human sciences and have the necessary skills to provide new insights into the vulnerability and health trajectories of elderly people, the analysis of needs in the home setting and on the evaluation of care solutions for elderly and disabled people:

  • Hervé Michel, the team’s Director, holds a PhD in Political Science and is a specialist on issues of frailty and vulnerability. Together with François Béland (Montreal University), he co-authored a volume on the frailty of elderly people, published by EHESP press in September 2013.  herve.michel@madopa.fr
  • The four Project Managers are specialists in the analysis of needs and in the comprehensive and participatory evaluation of care solutions for elderly people:

MADoPA calls on two types of skills when leading its projects and research: :

In-house skills

Within its operational unit, MADoPA seeks to develop rare, and pioneering skills, knowledge and expertise that are worth adapting to the context of health and independent living in the home: :

  • Theme-specific expertise on the indicators, processes and trajectories of frailty and vulnerability in elderly people and of their health.
  • Cross-expertise on the social and ethnographic analysis of relations in the home care and services environment, and on the comprehensive evaluation (i.e. from the technical, organisational, economic, ethical, acceptability and acceptance and public healthcare viewpoints) of telehealthcare and telemedicine solutions for elderly people, people with chronic conditions , people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and disabled people.
External skills

These are skills that are mastered by its members and partners and that MADoPA does not seek to develop within its own operational unit but instead brings into play via its network of members and partners:

  • MADoPA particularly relies on Reims Teaching Hospital for its skills and expertise in defining protocols for the clinical assessment of frailty and loss of autonomy, and for its knowledge of geriatric profiles, chronic illnesses, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • As regards economic assessment aspects, MADoPA relies particularly on the authors of the GEMSA (Multidimensional Evaluation Grid for Health and Autonomy) grid, Robert Picard from the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance and Myriam Provost, Télécom Bretagne.