ARPEGE project, Champagne Ardenne Regional Council

Evaluation of the diagnostic properties of a frailty detection pack

Partners in the project

Complementing the evaluation of the organisational, economic and acceptability conditions conducive to use of the pack (evaluation funded by the CARSAT Nord-Est), an evaluation of the pack’s diagnostic properties is being funded by the Champagne Ardenne Regional Council (Emergence Programme). This evaluation of the pack designed by the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) is being carried out by the Reims Teaching Hospital, in association with MADoPA.

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The frailty detection pack

The frailty detection pack designed by the UTT is based on Linda Fried’s five indicators of frailty, to which balance has been added as a criterion. Each of the five indicators of frailty, plus balance, is measured by means of the technology systems included in the pack. This results in a score and establishes the state of frailty of the elderly person concerned as non-frail (no frailty indicators), pre-frail (1 or 2 frailty indicators), or frail (3 or more frailty indicators).

Criteria UTT systems
Grip strength Grip ball; vigorimeter
Unintentional weight loss Smart body scales (BQT)
Feeling of exhaustion Questionnaire (+ grip ball)
Physical activity Questionnaire
Walking speed Doppler (instant speed)
+ Degree of balance Smart body scales (BQT)
MADoPA’s role

The pack’s diagnostic properties are being evaluated by Reims Teaching Hospital in collaboration with Troyes Hospital and the Arcades Prevention Centre.
In addition, MADoPA is involved in analysing the practices of professional healthcare staff and evaluating the acceptance and use of the pack by geriatricians and nurses on the three evaluation sites:

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