SYMPAD project

Pharmacy- and home-based monitoring system for patients with chronic conditions

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Partners in the project

Selected for funding under the Investissements d’Avenir programme (e-health 2), the SYMPAD project was officially launched on 1st July 2012, for 36 months. It brings together CEA Leti, 2CSI, Ariana, Institut Télécom Bretagne and MADoPA, and is led by Médecin Direct.

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The SYMPAD project

SYMPAD is designed to provide pharmacists with the connected instruments (medical scales, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, spirometer, etc.) necessary for monitoring patients with chronic conditions. Assisted by the pharmacist, the patient enters a multi-disciplinary monitoring protocol specific to his/her condition. The patient answers certain questionnaires about compliance with his/her treatment, quality of life, etc. which are used to assess progression of the patient’s condition and improve coordination of the care pathway. The data gathered is synchronised on the SYMPAD interface and accessible via an internet connection.

MADoPA’s role

MADoPA is contributing to the project, in collaboration with:

  • public healthcare experts from its network of members, working on identifying frailty indicators that are of use when monitoring people with chronic conditions
  • Institut Télécom Bretagne, working on evaluation of acceptance and use of the system by pharmacists, elderly people, their carers, and the healthcare and service professionals supporting them in their homes.